Cradle Your Luscious Lips- Choosing The Right Lip Balm!

luscious-lipsLip balms are used by both men and women alike to protect their lips, maintain their moisture and prevent it from cracking or chipping. Lip balms are also easily available everywhere; at the grocery shop, book stores, and ladies shop. It is an impulse buy product and hence is always placed near the counter by the side of chocolates and magazines at almost every shop. But, in case you prefer to buy only a quality beauty product, then it is better to buy your lip balm from credible beauty product sellers like The site also recommends usage of good quality beauty products to maintain your skin, lips, eyes, and nails.

What Is Exactly A Lip Balm?
Do not get confused between lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip balms. Lip balms have a much waxier texture. It helps to relieve and moisturize dry or chapped lips. It usually doesn’t have any tints like lip gloss or lipstick. But nowadays slightly tinted lip balms are also available in the market. Lip balms are made of various ingredients that protect the lips. It usually contains ingredients like carnauba wax, paraffin, beeswax, lanolin or camphor. Certain exclusive lip balms contain flavorings, sunscreens, medicines for cold sores and essential oils.

There are a wide variety of lip balms to choose from. The major intent of using lip balms is to form a layer on the surface of the lips and keep it moisturized. It also protects the thin, delicate skin of lips from exposure to outside cold temperatures or dry air. Thus, the skin remains fresh, supple and naturally lovely. It does not crack or dry out. But the point to note is that various kinds of materials are used in lip balms and vary from one to another. Good quality lip balms usually use natural agents like beeswax while others might use low-quality materials, mineral oils or petroleum. These can harmfully affect the lips in the long run.

Look Out For Drying Actions In Certain Lip Balms
Certain lip balms even make the lips dry. Lip balms made to treat cracked or broken lips usually contain phenol. It dries out the lips if used for a long duration. Hence it is better to use it for a small duration and then wash it off. Similarly, materials like alum, menthol, or camphor might create a tingling sensation, but it dries up the lips if used for a long duration. Materials like salicylic acids help in exfoliating the lips but also causes lip drying. Hence, always take care and check the materials used before buying a lip balm.

Natural Ingredients Are The Best Choice!
No matter how much care you take, you are sure to consume some of the lip balms internally as it is applied on the lips. Are you ready to consume petroleum products or synthetic flavors? I guess no one would like to include artificial and harmful substances in their daily diet. Hence, always read the ingredients added in the lip balm and make sure no artificial substances are used.

Try using lip balms with natural ingredients like nut oils, cocoa butter, plant essences or shea butter. These will protect your lips from drying and is safe for applying on lips and eating food.

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